Sh Ch Barhi Crouching Tiger ShCM - Highlights

Sh Ch Barhi Crouching Tiger (Oliver) was born on 16 May 2002. He sadly passed away, far too early, on 12 May 2011.

He had a hip score of 7:7 and tested Unaffected for both Hereditary Cataract (latest test was on 7 October 2008) and Goniodysgenesis.

Welsh Springer Oliver - WELKS 08.jpg - 26950 Bytes

WELKS 2008 - 3rd CC

The highlights of Oliver's showing career were

He was the first dog to be BIS at three Hampshire Gundog shows, and then did it a fourth time, from the Veteran class.

Oliver was also RBIS at SEWSSC (Jan 11, May 09, May 08) and Isle of Wight Gundog (Mar 08) as well as BVIS at SEWSSC (Jan 11) and Hampshire Gundog (Aug 09).

Oliver has done very well in Veteran Stakes classes at championship shows, the highlights of which have been wins at Border Union (Jun 09), LKA (Dec 09) and Manchester (Jan 10).

To become a Show Champion (Sh Ch) in UK, it is neccesary to win 3 Challenge Certificates (CCs) by being declared Best of Sex at a Championship Show. Oliver's qualifying CCs were won at Leeds 07, Belfast 07 and WELKS 08.

To gain the Show Certificate of Merit (ShCM), 25 points are required from Open Show BoBs and Group Placements - each BoB is 1 point. Oliver's group placements were at Hampshire Gundog (BIS), Exonian (Group 2) and Poole (Group 2)