Welsh Springer puppies can be hard to find. In recent years less than 400 puppies have been registered with the Kennel Club each year. As a comparison, around 14,000 English Springers are registered each year.

If you are interested in a puppy from us, then you will undergo a careful screening process to ensure that you able to give a lifetime's commitment to this active breed.

We only breed very occasionally. Our next litter is likely to be born in mid 2014.

We take every possible step to breed healthy dogs. The Welsh Springer Joint Health Group website provides information on known health issues for our breed.

We only breed from dogs that have tested as "Unaffected" for PRA and Glaucoma and who have a hip score of less than the breed mean score, which is currently 18 (total of both hips). Health testing results for our dogs are available on the appropriate pedigree page. Results for Barhi offspring not in our ownership are shown on the Extended Family page, where we are aware of the results.

We are members of the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme.

This lovely litter, sired by Sh Ch Barhi Crouching Tiger, was bred by Sue Shenton in Jan 2008 and are all now very happy in their new homes.

6 week old puppies - Sh Ch Barhi Crouching Tiger x Moorash Titian Star

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