Championship Show Car Stickers

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It has become a tradition for the principal winners (CCs and BP) at general championship shows to be awarded car stickers. These car stickers are highly valued by those fortunate enough to win them. However the principal winners at club shows, which are often the most valued wins that people can have, do not have the opportunity to get a car sticker.

I am very pleased to be able to offer to breed clubs the opportunity to acquire stickers for their shows. Breed clubs that choose to take up this offer will be able to replace the words "Breed Club" in the examples shown with their own initials and create a car sticker which their principal winners will undoubtedly value highly.

The stickers will measure 8cm x 7cm, which is the same size as the stickers offered at general championship shows. A set of car stickers, one of each of the three stickers shown, will cost £4.75.

Winners will be able to purchase additional stickers for £1.75. This will allow each member of a partnership, or the family caravan, to proudly display the win. Note - order forms will be provided with stickers to provide proof that the individual requesting additional stickers is entitled to have them.

For more information or to place an order, please Contact Us

Any profits made from this venture will be donated to Welsh Springer Rescue.