Barhi Garden - Layout

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Garden Layout

In this stylised map of the garden, the green areas represent our verdant borders - not grass.

Despite the fact that this is not a large garden, we have tried to include a lot of interest, both in the planting and features.

The soil is clay based, though obviously a lot of work has been done to improve its construction, and slightly acidic.

The garden is south facing, and as such is a sun trap. This has enabled us to make the house a key part of the garden as it supports the beautiful very pale purple wisteria and two recently planted Actinidias - hopefully we will have our own Kiwi fruit in a few years.

For the most part, our fences have large shrubs in front of them with the aim of making our boundary less obvious.

Along side the nautilus theme, there are a number of frogs around the garden, from the pair playing leapfrog on the edge of the pond to the ones that guide the hose around the garden.