Barhi Garden - Nautilus Patio

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The Nautilus comes alive - September 2001

The patio was designed to not only act as a focus for the garden and a place for entertaining, but also to be large enough for a puppy playpen. It brings a welcome feeling of space to the garden.

The nautilus design was lovingly created over a period of a week by two men. Each piece of slate was carefully picked to take its place in the creation of the chambers of the nautilus. The edges of the chambers were picked out in pebbles.

There are also mirror fragments laid into the creation which bring life into the patio whether you glimpse the reflection of blue sky, fluffy clouds or even darker weather. There is an argument that the patio actually looks at its best when it rains, as this means that the slate takes on a totally new vibrancy.

The finished patio is without doubt a work of art which I am exceedingly proud to own.