Barhi Garden - Pond Garden

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Peace and tranquility are the aim of the Pond Garden

I have always wanted a raised pond that I could sit on and allow my fingers to tickle the surface of the water. To enhance the tranquility in this secluded area, it was decided that the planting would be primarily green. It has been very hard to keep colour out of the flowers, and some does creep in, but when buying plants for this area, the aim is always in my mind.

I also wanted to have movement in the pond, so there had to be a fountain. Having looked around at the fountains that were available in garden centers, we quickly decided that we had to commission our own. Naturally, we decided that it would be in the shape of a nautilus shell.

When I first saw Papyrus growing at the RHS Wisley garden, I was captivated by its grace. Fortunately I have been able to find a local supplier. The mild climate in this part of the world means that in some years we are able to get the Papyrus through the winter, which obviously leads to a much bigger plant the following year.

For some years I managed to avoid having fish in the pond, however in 2007 I was finally persuaded to try a few surplus goldfish from a friend's pond. They have brought a vitality to the pond that I didn't expect and I wish I had got them earlier. Unfortunately we had a visit from a heron and so had to install protective devices for our now re-stocked pond.