Barhi Garden - Plants

Hellebore Hybrid - 16 February 2007
hellebore.jpg - 31498 Bytes

Throughout the winter months Hellebores keep interest in the garden. Ours are located in the shady areas by the pergola and the back door. This sumptuous double was bought as an un-named plant.

Clematis armandii - 17 March 2007
clematis armandii.jpg - 52596 Bytes

For three to four weeks in early spring, this beautiful Clematis makes its presence felt as its snow white flowers tumble over the pergola. During the rest of the year, its thick leaves provide welcome shade.

Salix daphnoides - 17 March 2007
salix daphnoides .jpg - 38602 Bytes

These pure white catkins steal the show, particularly against the dark bark of this elegant willow. It is intended that this young tree will be regularly pollarded to keep it small enough for this garden.

Camellia ‘Wisley White’ - 19 March 2007
camellia ‘wisley white’ .jpg - 27394 Bytes

This beautiful white semi-double Camellia is waiting, until it grows a little, more to come out from behind the shadow of the Pittosporum in front of it. 2007 was a good year for Camellias and it flowered for over one month.

Photinia ‘Red Robin’ - 28 March 2007
photinia ‘red robin’.jpg - 49527 Bytes

There are three Photinias in the garden - who can resist the light shining through their beautiful young red leaf growth. Pinching out the shoot tips in Spring encourages bushy growth.

Laurus nobilis - 28 March 2007
laurus nobilis.jpg - 48643 Bytes

In Spring, these delicate flowers light up the plant, and try to pretend that they are not too yellow – given my dislike of the colour. Prunings from Bay trees are extremely useful, once dried, in the cooking pot.

Magnolia ‘Jane’ - 28 March 2007
magnolia ‘jane’.jpg - 34574 Bytes

A very common Magnolia, but extremely welcome for the colour it brings to the Spring garden. Despite the fact that it is slow growing, we are unlikely to allow it to reach maturity in this small garden.

Amelanchier lamarckii - 8 April 2007
amelanchier lamarckii.jpg - 60668 Bytes

The flowering of this shrub is eagerly awaited each year, partially as it is only at its best for around a week. The arching branches are covered with snowy flowers which are quickly followed by young bronze foliage, which turns green as it ages.

Ceanothus ‘Concha’ - 18April 2007
ceanothus ‘concha’.jpg - 70906 Bytes

We wanted something to provide an evergreen frame for the window. This Ceanothus does the job perfectly, with the added bonus of its vibrant blue flowers in Springtime. It now needs an annual trim to keep it in the space allocated.

Wisteria sinensis - 15 May 2007
wisteria.jpg - 63874 Bytes

The appearance of Wisteria buds is the last sign that the garden has re-awoken from its winter slumber. This wisteria is a total thug and needs constant pruning during the summer months - still it is so beautiful, we can't help but forgive its rampant behavior. This plant was a gift from a friend, and unfortunately unlabeled.

Philadelphia ‘Belle Etoile’ - 3 June 2007
philadelphus ‘belle etoile’ .jpg - 37703 Bytes

When you are married to some one from Philadelphia, then there has to be a Philadelphus in the garden. This is the first year that this shrub has flowered this well. We hope it continues to do as well in future years.

Rosa ‘Geoff Hamilton’ - 3 June 2007
rosa ‘geoff hamilton’.jpg - 31103 Bytes

I used to dislike roses as I thought that they were too prone to disease. However who could resist this beautiful rose, particularly as it is named for my gardening hero, who died so tragically early.

Rosa ‘LD Braithwaite’ - 3 June 2007
rosa ‘ld braithwaite’ .jpg - 37934 Bytes

Possibly the most voluptuous of roses. Whilst I have not found it to be the most floriferous, each deep red flower is so breathtaking, it can easily be forgiven.

Iris siberica - 3 June 2007
iris siberica .jpg - 34068 Bytes

Much to Brian’s chagrin, we do not have the conditions for bearded irises, but the siberican ones have a simple beauty all of their own.

Geranium oxonianum 'Thurstonianum' - 3 June 2007
geranium oxonianum 'thurstonianum'.jpg - 46101 Bytes

This plant is a real oddity in the world of hardy geraniums. As reliable as other geraniums, it somehow draws you to look again and again into its bright starry magenta face.

Clematis ‘Niobe’ - 3 June
clematis ‘niobe’.jpg - 42406 Bytes

Having had all the pastel shades of spring, it is wonderful to be able to soak in the depth of colour of this popular clematis. For me it only grows to about three feet, but it has so many flowers, no one could complain.

Nigella - 3 June 2007
nigella.jpg - 58910 Bytes

Who could help but fall in love with Love-in-a-mist? It self seeds, but does not take over and it is always interesting to see what colours emerge each year. Its lovely feathery foliage just adds to the picture.

Hemerocallis ‘American Revolution’ - 6 June 2007
hemerocallis ‘american revolution’.jpg - 51182 Bytes

Hemerocallis flowers only last a day, hence their colloquial name of ‘Day Lily’, but there is such a profusion of flowers that they are wonderful to have in the garden. The deep red colour of this one draws you to have another look.

Papaver orientale - 6 June 2007
papaver orientale .jpg - 42697 Bytes

Despite their very short time open, poppies are real show stoppers. The electric orange of this one shouts for attention. Unfortunately its label has been lost over time.

Nymphaeaceae - 12 June 2007
nymphaeaceae.jpg - 27957 Bytes

I had some suggestions that as water lilies like still water, they wouldn't do well in our pond due to the affect of the fountain. But they seem determined to prove people wrong. However, they do seem to do best further from the outflow.